During 2020 I had to write a lot documentation for various projects, and took my free time to learn about better ways to do this. Google Docs and Basecamp are great tools, but sometimes a simple website is the best way to effectively document and explain an idea or a project.

Meet spacebook, which allows you to create a modern notebook to document or explain almost anything:


The problem is that even as an experienced web developer of more than 25 years, building a “simple” website is not so simple these days. This led me down the road to find the simplest possible way to spin up a modern website in the least amount of time, with the freedom to extend as needed, zero cost, no maintenance burden, and virtually zero effort.

This road led directly to Eleventy which quickly led to the creation of my own project called spacebook. I’m now using it for lots of things (including this site), and in just a few weeks we have:

  • 20 Github stars!
  • 2 contributors
  • 2 (conflicting) feature requests

With not much more effort than creating a new Google Doc, anybody can spin up a new spacebook for any reason in the world. It is privacy first (with options for full password protection), writing focused, customizable, and very fun to work on.

Made with ❤ in Minneapolis